There is no such thing as a free lunch- Milton freedman

This next piece is about my experience from a weekend gateaway that I took with some friends of mine. It was towards the end of the year and I had just completed my masters report. To top it of, the trip didn’t cost me a thing and aren’t those the best. Well, so I thought. It actually turns out that the old adage is true, there is no such thing as a free lunch- Milton freedman

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Before I talk about my experience about the trip, this actually took me back to those late night masters lectures were we would have our heated debates around the boardroom on topics such as free the market efficiency theory; whether the auditing profession was a fallacy; agency theory… this might sound like jargon but it is topics like this that spark my interest in what I do. So it’s only becoming that I bring up the topic of opportunity cost as this is relevant to the article. Let me explain what it means first so that when I introduce it later on in the article then I wont loose you.

There is no such thing as a free lunch’ is an expression that I learned in my economics class in first year that demonstrates the economics concept of opportunity cost – whereby even if the lunch is fully paid for, one loses the opportunity to spend that time doing anything else. So keep that in mind and try and see if you can pick it up in the article. Actually lets have fun with this, type where in the article this might become effective and I will try and give a away a prize to the person that gets it right.

  • Opportunity-Cost

We can now begin.

So I remember my friend picking me from work because we decided that only one person will drive there. I was supper excited, we then made a pit stop before we headed over to bela bela. Atleast it seemed like that at first, we were about one and a half hours into our drive there when I get a message that my car had been involved in a crash. Just bear in mind that this was the first time I had experienced such a thing. It took me 20 more minutes to process it before I asked to trun back around, so that I could sort out everything. I cant really remember anything other than the fact that my head was spinning as people were telling me the procedures for getting a case number from the police for my insuarance and other important stuff that I must know.

But none of that mattered, I was really scared… and pissed of at the same time. I felt like 2017 didnt want to see me enjoy life. I know how this sounds but I was also thinking of how the weekend getaway was lost, lets all laugh together now. Anyways, once we got back to Jozi I fixed everything that needed to be done for Insuarnce purposes and then I was done at about 17:00. So I tried to see if the guys that I was going with were still in joburg, thank goodness they were. I rembembered Ubering to sandton where we would depart from and then we stopped at a work-party function where some strong Gin was given to me for all the drama that happened earlier on. We then headed off to our destination.

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We arrived at the lodge at about midnight, after hours of driving all we could here was the sounds of crickets chirping. Before then we got our laggage to our rooms and were off to bed. To be honest after the whole car drama, everything dwindled down. The weekend turned out to actually be great, I was away from the fast paced life that was joburg and all I could do was relax. By the way we were at Ditholo Game lodge.

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Our first day there we woke up to a scumptious breakfast, where we ate to our hearts content. We then went outside to explore the lodge and the sheer beauty that we saw was amazing. The staff were somewhat friendly, lol, but they were accomodating. All we could think of is how there are much more black people traveling locally than before. Usually, and i’m not going to lie, all you see when it comes to traveling is usually your caucasian counterparts and mostly from overseas, traveling. However more and more I  am seeing South Africans explore more the local beauty.

Later on during the day we then went on a trail hike that was supposed to be for 7km, but turned out to be longer than we planned. Reason being was that we got lost. That was fun, all we had to do was follow the different coloured rocks but we couldn’t even do that. We then resorted to using google maps to find our way back as we saw that we were probably not going to make it back to the lodge carrying on like that. The hike was beautiful and we got to see alot of trees, more trees, a few spiders and no Kudus, literally until we got back to the lodge they were standing infront of our rooms, how ironic and hurtful is that though.

Even though those Kudu’s played us, the rest of the trip was also quite amazing. Each night we had dinner outside, next to a pit of fire that was in the centre. The food was delicious and I didnt appreciate all the bugs that were attacking me personally and not the others. I was that kid that was fending them off. Before we knew it our trip was over and we had to drive back to jozi, all and all, it was such an amazing and relaxing experience. The lodge definately gets good reviews from me.